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Marine Surveys & Consulting
Oriental, North Carolina
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Butch Rasmussen, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
ABYC Master Technician
Serving North Carolina & Surrounding States

Survey Rates
Rates for marine surveys can vary somewhat for several reasons; the size and type of vessel, its location, the type of survey required, the material it was constructed from and even condition. It takes a lot longer to survey an old boat in rough shape than a fairly new boat in excellent condition.

A guideline for rates is as follows:
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys -- up to 45' -- $22/ft
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys -- over 45' -- $24/ft
  • Re-Insurance Surveys -- $16/ft
  • Consultation Services -- $90/hour
  • Corrosion Survey -- $90/hour
Please call us for a quote on your exact needs.

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